Issue 1 1, Winter 2015 Women Issue 2 2, Winter 2016 Humdrum

Rave Sagie


(1975) Ezekiel village ,Israel.

Fisherman and fish farmer.

Published Books:

Preparing for Migration.  (January, 2001)  kinneret zmora bitan publishing.

The day my sister disappeared.  (Youth) kibbutz-poalim publishing.

All roads. (2006) the new library publishing.

Who and what makes you create?

Everything and nothing. I wish I knew what starts my creative engine .

Walk us through your creative process. Any favorite place? Special preparation?

I create Everywhere but especially in my head. I  always carry a notepad, pen and camera.

What inspires you?


Tell us about a musical piece or a visual piece that reflects your persona.


The movie and soundtrack of  Emir Kusturica's "arizona dream".

Any favorite quote?

"Doh!" By homer simpson.


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