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Welcome to “Humdrum: Snow”

Welcome to “Humdrum: Snow”, a very special comics issue of Hotem magazine.

Comics has a unique way of communicating with an audience, especially in an era of spectacular movies and flashy effects. Comparing comics to the cinema is not uncommon, but instead of blows, bombs, and complex camera movement, the contemporary comics provides us an experience of sharp text and furious drawings. It is an exciting multi-layered still and a mute movie. It lives in the gap between literature, theatre, the visual arts and cinema and holds a little bit of each.

Our new issue features the Israeli-based international comics collective, Humdrum. The group members are Keren Katz, Hila Noam, Hadar Reuven, Omer Hoffman and Dan Allon with additional writing by Hotem editor Avital Globerman.
Celebrating the end of winter, the group drew a special take on the theme of “Snow”, with each member putting his unique style into the artwork, creating a compact and touching issue.