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Avital Globerman

Founding Editor-In-Chief of Hotem

(1981) Tel Aviv, Israel.

Poet, cultural entrepreneur and the Founding editor-in-chief of "Hotem", an international digital magazine for poetry, literature and art (2008-2015).

Author of "Long Exposure" (Heb - Be'ckhasifa Aruka), Even Hoshen, 2010

Her poems were published in numerous publications such as "Haaretz" newspapers, "Shvu", "Orot".

Graduate of the Tel Aviv University Department of General Literature and the Multidisciplinary Program in Arts.

Walk us through your creative process. Any favorite place? Special preparation?

My poetic journey begins with a word I heard or a sentence I came across that immediately moves me grammatically or musically. The moment I decide to embrace this ensemble of words, is the poetic instant. I am overwhelmed with a sense of excitement and sense of mystery.

I know that at this very moment, something big has been set in motion and I am the only one who knows about it. There is nothing more sacred.

Eventually, a moment arrives when I gather the courage to create my poem. I lay each word carefully on paper with both suspicion and admiration, and then I search for the best next word to protect it and keep it from harm's way, to make it even better.

I am relentless until I feel the words are in harmony, until they are ready to voice the truth and reverberate through my flesh.

Many times, this effort entails endless bewilderment and lying on the sofa, daydreaming, falling in love obsessively, playing games, reading each sentence repetitively again and again and again, walking back and forth in a room for hours.

At the end of the day, I write in bliss.

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