Issue 1 1, Winter 2015 Women Issue 2 2, Winter 2016 Humdrum


A Love Poem for the Mederano Circus Acrobat

“I came to the Circus Tent I saw her brother brushing
A horses’ mane, her mother reading a Magazine
Which on its cover flashed joy in the corner of the eye
Of Sofia Loren”

5 Poems

״The sealed can of memory
Abruptly breached
It’s mother’s smell
As if she hasn’t been wearing out
the nightgowns of her soul
for thirty years now…״

Poetry Riky Cohen

The Third Child

“I’m your unknown child.
I’m the negative
between your two blue-eyed children
who radiate against my darkness…”

Poem Tal Nitzan

6 Poems

“She hides behind me
and I’m ashamed of her.
The world’s blinks
are needles up to scratch the skin.
You must love her
I tell myself at night
as is, with all of her flaws
you are her mother
and I’m incapable…”